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Massage Therapy Services

What Makes Us Unique?

We offer a unique variety of massage services based on both eastern and western cultures.  Our eastern techniques include traditional Thai massages, Thai Herbal massages, Shiatsu and Foot Reflexology performed by individuals from within that region.  Coming from the west we offer a more modern approach that includes Medical, Clinical Therapeutic and Sports massages just to name a few. Some clients prefer a mixture of both cultures while others prefer to stick with just one.  Either way, you are sure to get your heart's desire.   

Below is a list of massage modalities that we have embraced as well as other special services that we provide to our clients.

Deep Tissue
  Shiatsu/Trigger Point
Foot Reflexology
Couples Massage
Prenatal Massage
Myofascial Release

Skin Care Facials
AromaTouch® Technique
Aroma Therapy
Chiropractic Services
LED Teeth Whitening
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